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Manhattan Abortion Clinic New York City Abortions NYC Abortion

Manhattan Abortion Clinic New York City Abortions NYC Abortion

Manhattan Women’s Medical Supports Abortion

We are a NYC Licensed Abortion Clinic

First Trimester Abortion

A first trimester abortion is usually defined as terminating a pregnancy up until 12 weeks of gestation. You are then taken to our new private recovery lounge where you can relax and our nursing staff will be there to answer questions and tell you what you need to do when you leave our office.

Second Trimester Abortion

Anesthesia for Surgery Only:

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Non-Surgical Termination of Pregnancy
Abortion Pill
Morning-After Pill

Surgical Termination of Pregnancy
(with local or twilight anesthesia)
First Trimester Abortion
Second Trimester Abortion

Gynecological Services
Pap Smears

Birth Control Pill
Intrauterine Device (IUD)

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Manhattan Women's Medical is a licenced Manhattan Abortion Clinic that performs safe NYC Abortions.